Sunday, July 30, 2006

Shooting on a Sunday

It was hot. Everything is hot in Vegas right now, including the range. I was still thrilled to be there with my friend and so happy to be shooting once again. It has been way too long since I have been and life has been busy to say the least. Still, it was a lesson in why I shouldn't wait between visits to the range. I really didn't shoot that well.

That may be an understatement. By the last five rounds I had made it to the center consistently, but I shot poorly enough that there is no photo of my target here. Such shame. In the beginning, I was anticipating too much and pulling up. Then I was over-correcting. Then my sight picture was off. Then I wasn't breathing and leaning into it. So many habits had fallen away. It was an exercise in relearning a lot of things.

The good news? I was really relaxed and mostly undaunted by the noises around me. I didn't forget any of the safety rules and lessons and I was able to handle the firearm (Glock 9mm) without a problem. I had a really good time and I am looking forward to going back soon. Even if it is really hot.


Blogger Firehand said...

Indoor range I use in Oklahoma City gets damn hot in this weather. And the cooling system causes the humidity to go way up, so even when it does cut the temp a bit the humidity makes it bloody awful.

13/8/06 5:57 PM  
Anonymous Ron Russell said...

Don't shoot as much as I use too, father time is taking his toll. I do however, occassionaly have a change to get off a few rounds when I go to our cabin in the country. I have always gone for extreme accuracy rather than just throwing pounds of lead at some target. My favorite pistol is my Thompson with the 5mm barreland a 1.5 Puma scope, ammo is gettig to be expensive for it since they no longer make it. I also have a Remington 17cal which I use for long ranges, usually in the 200yd. range.

9/5/09 6:47 PM  

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