Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Searching for Any Employment

Am I ready to flip the proverbial burger? Almost. Am I over the edge? Almost. Today, just as I thought I would actually go out and fill out any minimum wage application I could find, things finally began to break. But it hasn't been a road of many successes.

The next time I quit a job because the activities of my employers are less than above the table, I may think twice. Regardless of where the money comes from, the cash is always nice to have, especially when its not there anymore. I have been sending out resumes and registering with temp agencies for three weeks now. The silence has been deafening. Much like Las Vegas at 107, nothing was moving. The cash dwindled. Broke and broken. Who really wants those two words to apply to them?

So, today I got up, sent resumes, followed up on resumes, called agencies and wow! Got a little gig and an interview! It's not much really, but it's a smoke signal of sorts. Something that tells me to hang on, don't go back to the phone sex industry yet, don't find another illicit way to make money yet. Stay in the legitimate work world. You will find something. Anything. Afterall, there is no shame in that proverbial burger.


Blogger Kevin said...

I see Blogger is acting up again; four copies of the same post!

(Either that, or you really are desperate!)

Hang in there. Even burger flipping pays better than minimum wage here in Tucson, and you get to eat cheap, I understand.

5/7/06 4:27 PM  
Blogger redmemory1 said...

Thanks. I think I've taken care of the four posts, although you never know. I will continue to hang in there because, well, what choice do any of us have, really? Thanks for the support as always. It means a lot.

5/7/06 6:34 PM  
Anonymous Steam Dragon said...

Stay tough, Red.
Better to flip burgers than some of the others you've named.

Flip those burgers well enough and you could end up owning the store!

6/7/06 3:01 AM  

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