Thursday, July 20, 2006

Back to Work

After a gentle prodding today, I decided to post about the job. It has been challenging to work again, to put aside the fear of the unknown, and to work in a regular office again. It also has been good for me to keep a regular schedule. I have picked up a regular coffee habit as well. All is progressing smoothly in my new job.

They have noticed that I am picking up the tasks ok and seem to be handling things so today I was given more responsibility. Not too bad for the end of week two. I feel pretty good since they are already letting me do more creative work. They also laugh at me when I screw up on the phones, which is good, since I do that all day long.

So, I have become a member of the work force, and it's that work force that doesn't include illicit drugs or porn. Another goal reached. Now, I am just waiting on that first paycheck.


Blogger AlanDP said...

Cool. Congrats on the regular job, although I must admit they can sometimes be something of a grind.

As for coffee, I ran out earlier this week and had to fall back on my stash of decaf that I keep for company. Got some new regular coffee today, though, just in time for Friday morning.

20/7/06 6:30 PM  

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