Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Good Start

Happiness has hit with great force and I am so grateful. There are so many people who have helped me through in a multitude of ways and "thank you" feels so small compared to the large feelings I have. Hopefully I have been successful in communicating that in some way.

I am enjoying the good, the feeling that everything is alright and I don't need to look ahead twenty steps to make sure that I won't fall. Certain people have proven to me, time and again, that they are there to catch me anyway. Even people I don't know.

Somewhere, on a tropical island, it all fell into place for me. Pouring rain under the lanai day after day had me talking to myself, banging my head against the wall until I finally gave into the wait. That was when I gave in to it all, and received back a life that I love. That is more than a good start.


Anonymous Steam Dragon said...

Good on YOU, Red!
Always remember, sadness shared is halved, Happiness shared is doubled!
Thank YOU for sharing happiness.

8/4/06 1:32 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

[Mr. Burns voice]Eeeexcellent![/Mr. Burns voice]

10/4/06 7:25 PM  

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