Monday, February 13, 2006

Thinking About Shooting

Life tends to swirl in the toilet for a while before I think about going to the range. I'm not sure why that is since I find such a sense of empowerment there. Maybe that is why. It is hard to feel deserving of anything good when I am swirling.

Today, with the sun shining a beautiful 70 degrees, I started thinking about going to the range. I had seen these practice Sig Sauers at Fry's (electronic store) the other day and didn't take much time to look at them in order to understand how they worked or why they were there. Maybe one of you can eplain? At any rate, they reminded me of what I haven't been doing and how I have been feeling and how I need to fill my life with activities right now. I sat on my hammock, face to the sun and thought, "I want to go shoot."

I began to count the months and it has been about five months since I first fired a weapon. I think I am finally over the fact that I was taught that shooting was "dirty". Guns were not just dangerous and stupid but in that XXX category of things that no respectable person would do. I still don't like the fact that while shooting, you are never connected to the target. I can't tell if I've hit the paper at all until I reel it in and inspect it. I do believe that this makes it easier to hurt someone or something, however, I have never killed anything so this is an opinion based on range shooting only. I hope that remains the case.

Back on the hammock, my thoughts went from my last visit to the fact that I will go alone this time. I thought about technique, safety and all of the things that I think about before I go to make sure I am as comfortable as possible. The most important part in all of this was that I wasn't afraid at all. Existing in a mind swirling in fear, it is incredible to me what I had done. If you can conquer one fear and all that, right? I don't know, but hopefully I'm off to the range.


Blogger AlanDP said...

At any Walmart or gunstore, or possibly even at your range, you can buy adhesive targets that leave a bright orange circle around the bullet hole for easy visibility. They are called "Shoot-N-See" targets or something like that. Just stick them to the face of your range-issued target before you reel it out.

14/2/06 3:29 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

Hopefully, you got out to the therapy pla...err, the range. Making smoke and noise and mitigating your ingrained fear is a great way to spend an afternoon. Of course, staying in the hammock wouldn't have been too bad either...

I'm not sure what that SiG is that you saw at Fry's - I've never seen anything like that out here.

14/2/06 1:25 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

I second the Shoot-n-C targets, but the color is more fluorescent green on the ones I've seen. Highly visible. They cost about a dollar a target for a 6" circle, but you can also get target pasters of the same material to cover up the hits and extend the life of the target.

Nothing is better than immediate feedback.

That's one of the reasons I like shooting steel. There's absolutely no doubt about whether or not you hit your target then.

16/2/06 9:43 AM  
Anonymous chaos said...

Shoot N See Targets are florencent green, there is another brand who makes the same thing with the blaze orange background which I prefer over the green, but I don't recall the name.

I prefer steel as well. Shooting at an 8" steel plate at 100 yards with no magnification and hearing that distant "TINK!" is fun. =D

14/3/06 1:34 AM  

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