Friday, January 06, 2006

Who Doesn't Get High On New Year's Eve?

So I tumbled off of the proverbial wagon on New Years. I went out, just like everyone else in Las Vegas, and began drinking and then passed through that gateway into other things. It is never difficult for me to bump into that opportunity and on this night, it was even easier.

I could waste time talking about how I wasn't "as wasted" or didn't partake "as much" but I know that none of that matters in my pursuit of a normal, stable life. Here's the rub; I had a really good time and then worked on my book for the next two days, pounding out pages that I'm pretty proud of. Now I will never know if that would have happened without the drugs.

This post was delayed because I wanted to make sure it was a one-time slide into oblivion. Often, when I choose the opportunity to get high, I chase it for the following days, wanting to continue to get high for a week or so. This time, that did not happen. My resolve returned with the advent of 2006.

I don't believe in resolutions. I only hope that I will be strong enough to make better decisions in the year ahead. Because I do know that everyone doesn't get high on New Year's Eve.


Blogger Kevin said...

It's trite, but "one day at a time" means exactly that.

Hang in there.

6/1/06 9:10 PM  

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