Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Pressure to Post

Sure I like it when my favorite blogs post new stuff. Who doesn't? The problem is the reversal of that. I can tell by my site meter that people are just checking in to see if I have written anything new. I can't blame them. I do the same thing. So here is a new post for all of us:

I feel pressure to write sometimes. It's not like someone is standing over me with a ruler or anything, but I do feel a need to post something (anything sometimes) and that is what I am feeling now. Unfortunately, I don't have much to say. I went to the gym, did three miles on the elliptical, had my blood drawn for my crazy meds, met up with some friends at a favorite place and came home and had dinner. Now CSI is on Spike. Nothing really to report. I just did anyway. This is the problem.

As another attempt to engage my readers, I would like to know this; is it better to post the events of my day, including the raman noodles, just to have a new post or should I just leave it alone? I would love to hear your thoughts. No pressure.


Blogger Josh said...

For some strange reason, I feel a distinct pressure to comment...;)

Blogging can become addictive, and even more so when you have a faithful and supportive readership. You should embrace that. That being said, you need to decide why you're doing this. Is it for you, or for us? The minute you feel like you MUST write something to satisfy your readership, and thats the only reason you write, reevaluate your relationship with blogging. Like any relationship, both sides should be getting something out of it.

Ramen noodles are good too, though.

31/1/06 9:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I enjoy reading your blog. I learned about it from Xaviers blog. My wife is big time into blogging. She writes 1, 2, 3 sometimes more a day. Xavier post most everyday, perhaps that is what keeps me from blogging. Most of my days are exactly the same...work, home, dinner, play with the kiddos, then bed...repeat. Who wants to read about that. I like your blog. Some of the problems you have with your own family...I have with my inlaws. My wife and I haven't spoken with them in over 9 months. Take care, and post when you feel like it. Bloging can be just as good of therapy as shooting!!

1/2/06 8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I for one don't post every day.
I save drafts every day, but I don't post them.

If they seem too stupid when I re-read them, (which has happened a lot lately) I tend to trash them.

Red, Blogging CAN be addictive. But it is healthier than some other addictions.

Before blogging came to be, I filled a 800 meg hard drive with my musings. All text files, no pics (but did include links).

Some times, just for smiles, I plug that old hard drive in and read my past.

I realise then that I should destroy it before it gets found!

Thus the preference for annonimity of Blogging.


1/2/06 2:10 PM  
Anonymous pickett said...

sure post the events of every day....
however dont fuck around with reality outlined
give it to us hard.... straight & raw...
forget sane society drawl...
gimmie ur true wicked thoughts...
the brilliance u keep to urself....or selected few

twisted fantasies at the gym wheather it be violent or sexual....or the dealicate but DElish blend of the two

brilliance brewing when ur having ur life removed slowly through a tube with massive exaggerations

the fact that in ur pure unfiltered mind hopefully someone is standing over u with a ruler.....
its just that someone is a 7 foot tranny with fabulous pink pumps with other types of posting on the mind

and finally what is trully happening to u....trully on ur mind....blog to me is a diary....i wanna read what
"others" are not allowed to read in ur "secret diary"
hurt ur friends feelings, scare ur family, how some of us make u so angry u know u fantasize how to hurt back - inflict pain both physically and mentally

the more people u piss off by ritten reality or scare with ur insanity....the more emotion our reaction to ur writing we will have....material such as that is the true brilliance that is later recognized and more importantly remembered....

save these bullshit blogs for the pussies with silver pens>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

the time is now - godspeed....
luv pickett

pure pressure posted - take the pity party sticker off ur forhead and be who u are and the greatness u will become....otherwise dont waste my time

goodspeed - typo should have read
they really need a spell check on this muthafucka

1/2/06 4:25 PM  
Anonymous chaos said...

To touch on what Josh said, I think the first reason to post is for yourself - whether it be to just let your feelings out or just the pleasure of creating something - readership, especially at first does not matter. When I started here on blogspot, I didn't have readers, no one linked me but I didn't care - I liked the creation. That's what matters for me.

As far as the pressure to post. I feel it all the time. Usually if I have nothing to say I wont post but sometimes it's so bad that I'll just do a random post where I just randomly put out my thoughts on things.

Blog for fun.

2/2/06 10:49 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

The urge to post every single day tends to fade after the first twenty months or so. ;-)

2/2/06 2:31 PM  

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