Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Odd Job Take Two

I had first written a post about my job and then removed it. This was the first post I ever deleted from my blog and hopefully the last.I am going to try to write about my job again, but in a way that doesn't make me feel vulnerable to retribution from my employers. This is much less interesting, I know, but safer all around.

I am a Personal Valet for an unmarried couple. The female, a disabled 36 yr old. cannot drive due to eye and brain damage from a kidnapping fifteen years ago. She was the only victim to escape the man who took her and she paid him back by testifying which resulted in 19 life sentences for him. Still, it's not enough for her as she continues to deal with physical and psychological ailments all due to this horrible and frightening experience. She often will recount the tales as I take her to the hair salon or to get her nails done.

The male, around 55 yrs old, has an educated and "interesting" past. He often has me help with his technology or has me run to Fry's for something. I get to that electronics store about once a week, and frankly, that gets old. Otherwise, I retrieve the lunches he buys for their doctors' offices and then deliver them promptly by noon. The office girls find this habit odd but generous as they order that extra dessert since its on him. He is nothing but old school in most every way.

For reasons I don't feel comfortable discussing, I need to quit my job. It is definitely odd and interesting and some of the time, like anything else, its a grind. I have not done anything illegal yet but it is one of those jobs that makes for good cocktail talk but is bad as a life choice. Since my pursuit is to make better life choices, I realize it is time to look elsewhere.


Blogger Steaming Dragon said...

I stand upon my previous comment.
I have had that little voice speak to me in the past. I'm glad
I listened and ran.

A story there? Yes. But one I'll never tell.

This is cross posted.

12/1/06 3:09 PM  
Blogger Firehand said...

Oh yeah, sounds like you need to find something else.

Reminds me of a friend. He did a big- make that BIG- favor for a guy in college, and the guy told him if he ever needed anything- ANYTHING- "call this number". The guy had an Italian name, it was a New York number, and told him there would always be someone there to take care of it.

He burned the number. Calling in a favor like that can be hazardous to you in the long term.

17/1/06 8:48 PM  

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