Sunday, January 15, 2006

Helping A Friend

Today, a friend asked me to talk to his mother. He wanted me to speak to her about his current attempt at sobriety and what that entails for him. It was an odd request, considering we are both adults in our thirties, but addiction and recovery bring all sorts of people together for all sorts of reasons.

I spoke with her over lunch and she is a lovely woman who is terrified for her son. She would like him to be in rehab right now. The entire conversation led me to consider all kinds of therapeutic avenues. I discussed several with her while trying to explain addiction. Eventually outpatient rehab and psychiatric help was decided and agreed upon by both parties. Addiction to drugs and her son's experience was somehow made more clear to her by me, although I'm not really sure how I did it. It was probably my honesty.

I was honest with her in a way that I have never been with a stranger. I discussed details of my own drug use and exposed myself to her in a way that was freeing yet terrifying for me. I laid it all out there and, after some inital anxiety, didn't care what she thought of me. I did it with the hope that she would see more clearly that my friend wants to be clean and sober and that it is a journey more than a one time decision. In fact, staying away from drugs can be a million decisions to stay sober every hour sometimes. This experience and her kindness toward me after hearing my story was definitely healing in a way that I never expected. It is so obvious but true that sometimes helping others can lead to helping yourself.


Blogger Steaming Dragon said...

Proof that 'happiness shared is doubled, while unhappiness shared is halved.'

Thank you for sharing

16/1/06 3:17 AM  

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