Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bear With Me

I am testing Picassa. My friend, Pickett, took this photo.
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Blogger Jerry The Geek said...

Picassa and "Hello" are okay, but I've had better luck with ImageShack


You can link to either a URL, or browse your harddisk to include an image you have saved.

It's fast, easy, and flexible. Imageshack will give you the option of including your entire photo in the original size, a reduced size, or a 'thumbnail'. With a thumbnail, the viewer can click on the image and the full-size image will pop-up in a new window.

The 'host it' button returns an ImageShack window which allows you to copy&paste html code in the html edit view of your blog. When you go back to 'compose' mode in your blog, the image will appear.

It doesn't accept photo files bigger than 1024KB (1MB). If your photos are larger than that, you can use other software to create another version of the photo in a reduced size, and then send that. I use 'pix-resizer', which is a free download from bluefive.


I use these two resources almost daily as I write on my blog. You may find they add a lot of flexibility to what you can do on yours.

This isn't a commercial advertisement; I'm just telling you as a friend what I use, and what works best for me. (You may not like them as much as I do.) There are other advantages to using these two freeware packages, but I'll let you discover them for yourself.

It makes blogging more fun.

26/1/06 9:13 PM  

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