Monday, January 23, 2006


How anonymous is someone when they spill everything but their name? My friend, Pickett, (who wanted me to use his name) has been begging me for an update. He tells me that he has become a fan of my blog. When discussing this, we began talking about the anonymity of blogging and how, sometimes, it feels a little dishonest and maybe a little ridiculous. My other friend, Mr. Slappyjack, disagrees. He feels that one should protect that identity no matter what. Especially don't post a picture! I am breaking a lot of rules apparently.

I did receive a comment that I was brave to post my picture (see below to A Self Portrait). I think I have been brave to post a lot of things; my drug use, my molestation etc., but I don't think my half-image on a blog that few read is a reason to call me brave. Afterall, if I am trying to be honest about myself, my image is a part of that, is it not? Especially when I took the picture.

So, ring in, readers. I would like to know how you feel about the subject of blogging and anonymity. You can even post your comments as "Anonymous."


Blogger Steaming Dragon said...

Well, as far as your picture goes, it shows thaat you are a lot better looking than me.

Having said that, I try to remain anonymous as far as anything I post here, on my blogs or on any of the forums I post on.

Companies are using google, now. And as a general observation, they (companies) dont care for people that have blogs.

I posted about an incedent at work, if you recall, and it has already raised questions.

So there is good reason to not put your name, or pic out there, if it might come back and haunt you.

Having said that, for some folks, their name is a marketing tool.

Politicians, authers, some scientists, and the like. They WANT their name in front of people. because that is how they make their money or presteige.

Have you been keeping up with the Other side of Kim?

There is a thread that explains why the original NoR forums were took down.

Because of Kims' vociferous defense of gun owners, he was rejected for a very lucrative job.
Because of his stand on the 2nd amendment, he is pretty much finished in is chosen profession.

Something to keep in mind. You do have a future, after all.

If you want to share fact about yourself with SELECT (descreet)individuals, that is what e-mail is for.
And if you are as paranoid as I am about the security of e-mails, get and use PGP.

23/1/06 4:34 PM  
Blogger AlanDP said...

I started out using a pseudonym but eventually started using my real name, although I haven't posted my FULL name. However, I have put links up to other sites that do show my full name. It's just a matter of what you're comfortable with.

I don't write about anything that happens at my workplace. If something were to come down on me (from my employer) because of my blog, it would be unjustified because I don't talk about work. They would be the ones in trouble.

On the other hand, I am not yet prepared to show a picture of myself. Maybe someday.

I ultimately decided not to hide my real name because I didn't want to prevent myself from mentioning other creative things in which I am involved.

23/1/06 5:25 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

I use my name and I have a picture of myself, albeit somewhat obscure, on my frontpage, right at the top. I don't use my last name, but if someone cared to add up the bits of personal information I post, they could easily figure out who I am.

I don't really care. Its my blog and my forum and my 1A rights. I don't write about work - I write about life. There is no reason that my blogging will come back to haunt me, other than offending the occasional friend who reads it. If someone finds my name attached to my blog in 10 years, so be it. I'll deal with that if and when it happens. For now, I'd rather be more me.

27/1/06 1:59 PM  
Anonymous PICKETT said...

remember u must have a identity first before u can protect it.....

amazing deeply pure photos must be shared...brilliant self portraits such as this one help u bulid - realize - flourish ur journey of creating ur identity....

anyways i believe it is impossible to initiate an identity theft on a celebrities....because they are already recognized from there NEED for PRESTIGE or so said the dragon...

listen i understand ur concerns or paranoia - but look at the source of redmems blog...she is a writer...creator...a fucking artist...and whos brilliance will provide her with an independent career -- outside the system

who fucking cares if corporate america is reading
and if they not buying or prescribing to there mentality and that be the case as an artist who wants to express - i would make that my manifest

stripmalls are killing this country of its roots
indiviualism is becoming an extremly rare item in this country...and from my economic studies - rarities genurally become high value items

otherwise u become a corporate team player or join the darkside created by paranoia of corporate scare tactics

so be carefull and u be in the team or scheme
before u know it steaming dragon drip coffe every three miles nationally....and at that point we will see if u are worse looking than the competition of dave thomas, ronald mcdonald...

1/2/06 5:19 PM  

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