Sunday, November 06, 2005

SlappyJack Dedication

I have a friend who I spew things at regularly. More than regularly. Feelings, angst, humor, pain; all that stuff that most people either blog or keep to themselves unless they are drunk, I hurtle shamelessly at this friend. No wonder he's tired and depressed. Really.

So, with the hope that I can give him a much needed break and give myself an opportunity to spew more globally, I have dedicated this blog to him. May he receive a well deserved vacation from my musings and maybe a box of twenties on his doorstep. Afterall, there is no one I know who deserves the good stuff of life more than he does.

Unfortunately, he's just getting some good wishes and the dedication of a crappy blog instead.

It's a start.


Blogger Firehand said...

I refer to my blog as my soapbox; I can rant and yell at a wider audience than the dogs. It has it's good points

27/11/05 6:17 PM  

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